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24 November 2013 @ 08:19 pm

Title: Mr. Congeniality
Author: finalfoundsome1 / ifinallyfoundsomeone
Beta: throwingbeamsofbrightlight
Artist: creativmind1281
Pairings/Characters: Kurt/Blaine
Rating: M
Word Count: ~60,200
Warnings: Brief mention of eating disorder, stalking, bomb threat.
Summary: Miss. Congeniality!AU Bomb threats are being sent to the newly made Mr. America pageant and FBI Agent Blaine Anderson has taken up the position of being an undercover agent to save the pageant. With some extreme grooming and guidance from his pageant consultant, Blaine infiltrates the world of Men’s pageants. Making some interesting friends, and maybe he even winning the heart of his slave driver pageant consultant, the gorgeous and fascinating, Kurt Hummel.

14 November 2013 @ 10:49 pm
Title: Rejterada

Author: Deewani (deewani1 on LJ)

Rating: M (although I’m not good with ratings, so I can be wrong)

Beta: dareu2beme & bluefire986

Artist: bluefire986 (Art Master Post)

Word Count: 46,648 (including a poem and translation in the prologue)

Summary: Blaine, a sweet, but troubled teen, resolves to runaway from home and his abusive father. He chooses his destination at random; Poland. What he never expected when he set out on the adventure to freedom, was the beautiful man he would find across the sea.

Master Post and Author's note: Tumblr ; LJ

10 November 2013 @ 07:37 pm
Title: How to be a Hufflepuff
Author: mothastruckas
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: A healthy dose of angst, bullying, forced kiss.
Word Count: 19k
Summary: In which Blaine tries to find himself and stumbles upon love along the way. (Hogwarts au)

Author's Note: Thank you so so much to my beta, Leia and also Celine who's art is amazing and i love it so so much. It's literally exactly how I imagined it!! I can't believe I actually wrote this; but thank you for reading it, I hope you enjoy it *u*

On AO3
Art Masterpost

09 November 2013 @ 04:02 pm
Title: Tides
Warnings (if any): Discussion of mental illness, small panic attack
Word Count: 18700
Summary: After and emotional one night stand on Valentines Day, Blaine keeps his promise to fight for reconciliation  Chronicles Kurt and Blaine's journey as the re-learn each other, navigating the complicated ties between honest, emotional intimacy, and their promises to renew a future together.
Author's Note: (include beta username and artist username here). This story follows Comedown, Clarity in the Fade to Black verse. I want to say that anyone who found Comedown too hard to read, this story can be read independently. If you want a summary, you can message me. Thank you to crissclofer for her beautiful art, and to Iconicklaine for the wonderful beta, as well as to Anxioussquirrel and januarium for being amazing test readers.


Can be read at AO3 or Tumblr

Art Masterpost : To come
09 November 2013 @ 02:06 am
Title: Black Dust
Author: thestairwell

Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 25,395
Warnings: minor slut-shaming, a couple of slurs mentions of canon infidelity, non-graphic panic attack. Brief mentions of Blaine/Others. Sebastian and Finn have brief appearances. If you're the type to need warnings for sex, sitting sex with bottom!Blaine.

Author's notes: Huge, huge, huge, HUGE thanks to my beta, Hannah, for not only being an awesome cheerleader throughout, but for helping me develop the idea back when I first thought of it, and helping me make the fool thing make sense after. Also for cheerleading and putting up with my general flailing and complaining, Sammi and Jenny. This fic has been a real effort to write (I'm looking at you, sex scene), and it wouldn't exist without any of them.
Also, more insurmountably massive thanks to my absolute star of an artist, Kendra, for making both the perfect playlist (with perfect cover art!) and the perfect art. Especially since she only had a half-written mess to work from. You can find the masterpost right here. :D
Not on the playlist but mentioned in the fic are 'A Song for Europe', 'Mother of Pearl' and 'Sunset' from the album Stranded, referenced is 'Nightingale' from the album Siren, all credited to Bryan Ferry.

Black Dust can be read on AO3, Tumblr, FF.net or LiveJournal (or all four, if you really want to!).

07 November 2013 @ 06:34 am
Title: Somewhere in the World
Author: water_nix
Betas: borogroves, wheretheshadowslie, cocktail-party-in-an-abattoir
Artist: batcii/markls
Pairings/Characters: Kurt/Blaine, Santana, Cooper, Rachel/Finn,
Burt/Carole, Mr & Mrs Anderson
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 47500
Warnings: one instance of homophobia, rimming, sort of bondage but not really
Summary:Somewhere in the World is the world's most popular children's
show, and its star, Blaine Anderson, has been touted as the handsome
second coming of Mr. Rogers. Even Kurt watches the show religiously,
and his list of Blaine's best attributes is even longer than that of
TV's most gushing reviewer. Yes, okay, so Kurt has a little crush.
Maybe. Possibly. Shut up. So when he's given the chance to meet the
man in the flesh, he can't really say no, can he?

Many thanks to my lovely betas, you guys were ever so helpful and I appreciate all of your time. And to my amazing artist, Sas -- I can't get over how gorgeous your drawings are. Seriously. Thank you, darling. <3

Tumblr post is here and the story can be read on AO3.

All art by the amazing batcii.
06 November 2013 @ 12:57 pm
Title: Coming Home
Author: maybe-slightly/acciomedium-drip (tumblr)
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: mild suspense and violence, reference to canon character death, reference to OC death, grief
Word Count: 20,500

Summary: Enchanted by the mysterious transfer student to Dalton Academy, Blaine doesn’t think he can manage to introduce himself, let alone befriend, the fiercely independent Kurt Hummel. Then a chance meeting sparks a lasting friendship that has Kurt and Blaine instantly inseparable. Kurt’s research into Westerville’s past brings his attention to the mysterious death of a Dalton student some twenty years previous, and before Blaine can move beyond contemplating whether his friendship with Kurt is something more, they find themselves dealing with bullies who know more than they should and the threat of a much deadlier foe.

Author's Note: A million thanks to the lovely people who lent their beta-ing skills along the way to make this fic what it is: blainersgirl, bowtieloverblaine, and manningstar, who stayed up late, and read through lunch breaks, and cheer led when this story was just a pile of notecards in turn. This story wouldn’t be possible without you.

And a very special thank you to magicalplaylist for the beautiful artwork they created inspired by this story.


-Art Post-

Read on: LJ | tumblr | ao3
05 November 2013 @ 07:33 pm
Title : Dreaming of You
Author : Jen (imaginentertain / Tumblr
Beta : slayerkitty
Artist : nannax / beeemyhoney (Tumblr)
Rating : PG-13.
Word count : 26,195
Warnings : Read more...Collapse )

Summary : Kurt feels very much alone at the moment. He has yet to discover his Skill (and everyone tell him that's fine, some people don't develop theirs until their 20s) and he has no one he can really talk to. All he has is the boy he's constructed in his Limbo, a place where no one else can get to him. So there is no way that boy can be real. No way at all.

Notes : oh wow. This was something. This really was and I cannot thank everyone who helped me bring this story to life, especially when I was having my traditional breakdown over the story and how it was going. Seriously. I owe you guys all drinks.


To the fic : masterpost on my LiveJournal // on AO3
04 November 2013 @ 05:21 pm
Title: To Love a Beast
Author: animeangelriku
Rating: PG-13
Warnings (if any): There are some mentioned character deaths, but nothing too major. Although there is a fight and some pretty bad wounds. Nothing too graphic, though, so don't worry if you feel a little weird about it. Also some curse words every now and then.
Word Count: 37,463
Summary: Beauty and the Beast!AU. In a world where humans have gone nearly extinct, Blaine, a warlock tormented by a haunted and cursed past, is awoken one night by Mercenaries surrounding his castle. He wonders what they could possibly want with him… until he finds a human boy hidden in the corner of the main room. Against his better judgment, Blaine allows the boy to stay and become his servant. But this boy is much more than he appears to be, and he might be the one to finally end Blaine’s torment once and for all.
Author's Note: I would like to give out a huge, HUGE shout-out thank-you to my beta, the amazing lilacyoung. If it hadn't been for you, I would have never been able to power through to finish this story and end it exactly as I wanted it to end. You gave me the advice and criticism that I needed so that this was a story worth reading, and for that, I'd like to thank you eternally. I would also like to give out a HUGE shout-out thank-you to the wonderful sillyriri She did gorgeous art for the story and took my suggestions so that I was okay with the picture, and she did a beautiful work with it. I absolutely love it, and I'm so thankful that she picked up this story to work with. Thank you both, the two of you are incredibly talented people!!!
Master post for the story: On Tumblr.
Master post for the art: On Tumblr.

kbbcomplete3 (to love a beast)
03 November 2013 @ 10:27 am
Title: Windy Songs in Minor Keys
Author: Lilinas
Rating: Teen (but just barely)
Warnings: None
Word Count: 15,353
Beta: Wingsofwriting
Artist: Missmardybum

Summary: Kurt's senior year is going beautifully. He has his boyfriend at McKinley and they've taken their private relationship to new levels. But a chance encounter at Breadstix makes him realize that he and Blaine might not be as "out" as he'd like to think they are.

Fic posted on AO3
Art hosted on tumblr

Mardy&apos;s Beautiful Art