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Dreaming of You

Title : Dreaming of You
Author : Jen (imaginentertain / Tumblr
Beta : slayerkitty
Artist : nannax / beeemyhoney (Tumblr)
Rating : PG-13.
Word count : 26,195
Warnings : depression, violent assault (discussed, not seen), suicide attempt (suggested overdose).

Summary : Kurt feels very much alone at the moment. He has yet to discover his Skill (and everyone tell him that's fine, some people don't develop theirs until their 20s) and he has no one he can really talk to. All he has is the boy he's constructed in his Limbo, a place where no one else can get to him. So there is no way that boy can be real. No way at all.

Notes : oh wow. This was something. This really was and I cannot thank everyone who helped me bring this story to life, especially when I was having my traditional breakdown over the story and how it was going. Seriously. I owe you guys all drinks.


To the fic : masterpost on my LiveJournal // on AO3
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