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klaine_bigbang's Journal

Klaine Big Bang
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What is the Klaine Big Bang Challenge?
This challenge will last 6 months and the minimum word count is 15,000 words. It is designed to challenge the authors and artists of the Klaine community by writing longer works of fiction and creating art (in any form) to accompany it. The focus of this challenge will be Kurt Hummel and Blaine Anderson from Glee.

Anybody may participate in the challenge! This challenge requires authors, betas, and artists of all kinds. If you're interested in participating in this challenge (or if you just want to read the fic at the end), please feel free to watch and/or join the community.


April 3rd: Author/Artist/Beta Signups Begin
May 15th: Artist and Beta Signups Close
June 20th: First Check In
July 20th: Second Check In
August 25th: Rough Drafts Due
September 1st: Artist Claim Post
September 15th: Last Check In
October 10th: Final Drafts Due
October 20th: Posting Begins

Rules and Schedule
Author Sign Up
Artist Sign Up
Beta Sign Up

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