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Black Dust

Title: Black Dust
Author: thestairwell

Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 25,395
Warnings: minor slut-shaming, a couple of slurs mentions of canon infidelity, non-graphic panic attack. Brief mentions of Blaine/Others. Sebastian and Finn have brief appearances. If you're the type to need warnings for sex, sitting sex with bottom!Blaine.

Author's notes: Huge, huge, huge, HUGE thanks to my beta, Hannah, for not only being an awesome cheerleader throughout, but for helping me develop the idea back when I first thought of it, and helping me make the fool thing make sense after. Also for cheerleading and putting up with my general flailing and complaining, Sammi and Jenny. This fic has been a real effort to write (I'm looking at you, sex scene), and it wouldn't exist without any of them.
Also, more insurmountably massive thanks to my absolute star of an artist, Kendra, for making both the perfect playlist (with perfect cover art!) and the perfect art. Especially since she only had a half-written mess to work from. You can find the masterpost right here. :D
Not on the playlist but mentioned in the fic are 'A Song for Europe', 'Mother of Pearl' and 'Sunset' from the album Stranded, referenced is 'Nightingale' from the album Siren, all credited to Bryan Ferry.

Black Dust can be read on AO3, Tumblr, or LiveJournal (or all four, if you really want to!).

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