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Coming Home

Title: Coming Home
Author: maybe-slightly/acciomedium-drip (tumblr)
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: mild suspense and violence, reference to canon character death, reference to OC death, grief
Word Count: 20,500

Summary: Enchanted by the mysterious transfer student to Dalton Academy, Blaine doesn’t think he can manage to introduce himself, let alone befriend, the fiercely independent Kurt Hummel. Then a chance meeting sparks a lasting friendship that has Kurt and Blaine instantly inseparable. Kurt’s research into Westerville’s past brings his attention to the mysterious death of a Dalton student some twenty years previous, and before Blaine can move beyond contemplating whether his friendship with Kurt is something more, they find themselves dealing with bullies who know more than they should and the threat of a much deadlier foe.

Author's Note: A million thanks to the lovely people who lent their beta-ing skills along the way to make this fic what it is: blainersgirl, bowtieloverblaine, and manningstar, who stayed up late, and read through lunch breaks, and cheer led when this story was just a pile of notecards in turn. This story wouldn’t be possible without you.

And a very special thank you to magicalplaylist for the beautiful artwork they created inspired by this story.


-Art Post-

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